Your goals

What does financial success really mean to you? Surprisingly few of us have sat down and defined our financial goals – and even fewer have a documented plan to get there that’s being acted on.

Financial success can mean many different things to different people. It might be creating a substantial and secure legacy for the family that will last through generations, getting out of debt, having enough invested so that work is a choice not a necessity, creating capital to set up or buy out a business – the list goes on!

Whatever it means to you, achieving financial success won’t come without effort. So the first step in any investment plan should be to define clear goals that are meaningful to you – otherwise when temptation or adversity strikes your goals will be forgotten.

Of course, while it’s a great start, defining your goals alone is not enough. A goal without a plan is just a wish! To turn your goals into reality, you need a realistic plan to achieve them. In investing, that means developing a robust investment strategy that has a high chance of achieving your financial objectives.

The final, vital, step? Actually acting on the plan! Many well-intentioned people get stuck at step 2, with a history of New Year’s resolutions like ‘saving 20% of my income’, ‘cutting up the credit cards’, ‘helping my kids buy their first home’, and so on often a distant memory by March.

As a fully integrated financial planning and investment management firm, Profile is uniquely positioned to help investors define, plan and implement financial strategies that will help them achieve what’s important to them financially.

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