Private Solutions

For investors who are looking for unique opportunities, our Private Solutions may be appropriate.

These investments are not for everyone. They tend to have characteristics that can make them unsuitable for standard portfolios, such as requiring capital to be tied up for a number of years. The investments offer the potential for high returns – but with a commensurately high risk of capital loss!

Typical investments would include private equity, large single property investments, micro cap shares, and so on.

Profile has a unique advantage in bringing these opportunities to you, as our interests are truly aligned with our investors’ interests. Unlike the private and investment banks traditionally offering these services, we do not trade on our own account, so you can be confident we are not recommending assets to you that we no longer wish to hold! And our performance fee structure ensures we win when our clients win.

Because these investments can be very volatile, we can only offer them to selected investors. To find out more about the service, click on the link below.

More information

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