Profile Accumulation Portfolio

This Portfolio aims to grow your wealth relative to the cost of living, with a medium to low risk of capital loss, over an investment horizon of at least six years.

Inception date 5 April 2011
Objective Returns of 5% above inflation over rolling 6 year periods after fees and expenses, with medium to high risk, with a target volatility of 5%-10% pa standard deviation of returns
Recommended investment timeframe At least 6 years
Fund size $135.6 million (as at 31 August 2020)
Applications and withdrawals Each Friday*, and the last business day of each month: Unit pricing day
Each Monday*, and the first business day of each month: Processing day
Generally two business days after each Processing day: Valuations finalised for underlying investments, unit prices calculated, transaction confirmations sent.* Or the following business day, if not a business day
Unit prices (generally available 3 days after each pricing day) Priced weekly (as at each Friday) and monthly (as at the last business day of each month).
Prices as at 09 October 2020                     Download PAP Price History       

NAV: 1.0907

Buy: 1.0923

Sell: 1.0890

Asset Consultant
  • Willis Towers Watson

    Willis Towers Watson (NASDAQ: WLTW) is a leading global advisory, broking and solutions company that helps clients around the world turn risk into a path for growth. With roots dating to 1828, Willis Towers Watson has over 40,000 employees serving more than 140 countries.


APIR code SLT0020AU
ARSN 149 249 052
Management cost 0.85% pa (incl. GST)
Performance fee This is a fee only payable when both a High Water Mark and the Objective Hurdle for a Portfolio are met, measured monthly.  A Performance fee is calculated as 10.25% (including GST) of the net asset value above Cash (Bloomberg Ausbond Bank Bill index), if all conditions are met.
Buy/sell spread 0.15% / 0.15%
Distributions The Portfolio can pay distributions semi-annually or annually and they are automatically reinvested unless you choose otherwise but must be reinvested if you are investing through an administration platform.
Latest distribution (30 June 2019): 8.30 cents per unit

^ All information is current as at the date of publication of this website, however may change in the future.