Portfolio solutions

This option is ideally suited to investors who don’t wish to be involved in daily investment decision-making, and are looking for a packaged solution which provides asset allocation, risk management and manager selection with minimal paperwork and consolidated reporting.

To meet the needs of these investors, Profile has purpose-built two Portfolios – called the Profile Portfolio Solutions.

The Portfolios are structured as two managed funds. They each employ a flexible approach to asset allocation and can use a broad range of potential investments to meet their objectives. They are actively managed and monitored on a daily basis, with no need for clients to complete additional paperwork to authorise individual changes to the underlying investments. As managed funds, the Portfolios can access investment opportunities, markets, currency and risk management techniques which individual investors generally cannot use directly. They can often access underlying investments at a lower cost than individual investors could achieve.

The managed fund structure also gives clients the convenience of a single unit price for monitoring after-fees performance – and a single statement at tax time – while still benefiting from a highly diversified portfolio.

To find out more about each Portfolio, click on the links below to access further information including the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) which describes important features of the funds.  You should read it carefully before you decide to invest as it will help you to decide whether to acquire or continue to hold an interest in the Portfolios.

For investors who prefer to retain direct ownership of their underlying assets, and control of individual investment decisions, we can also offer a range of individual managed funds from leading investment managers in Australia and around the world. Direct Solutions and Private Solutions are also available.